WARSAW, autumn 2007

Everybody knows that the election campaign is one big media show, that politicians talk rubbish and the programs of the biggest parties are very much the same. But still we are ready to take part in Democracy Fest.

The goal of our action is not convincing anybody to boycott the elections, even if in the situation when the mainstream and official discourse, supported by the artists-citizens, exhort to do the “citizen’s duty”, such an action could also be reasonable).The fact that the election campaign is not too different from advertisement does not seem to discourage anybody. It is a kind of knowledge which is general but at the same time unproductive, inefficient. We are hoping, however, to produce some effects by reminding, repeating it... 

Our direct object is to indicate the important “weak points” of each of the dominant political options in Poland, using the standard electoral/advertising tricks. There are actually four such options. They can’t be clearly identified with particular political parties, even if the dominant parties actually (but not consistently) do implement them.  

And so we have:  The Left - always “new” and “fresh” (this time its for real!), and yet never succeeding in hiding the wrinkles and other symptoms of it’s senility; The Liberalism, which basically “can’t see the difference”, always representing the point of view of privileged groups; the partisans Order – paranoiacs, ready to penetrate people’s life under any possible pretext; the knights of Good-Family-Fatherland and their “pure” morality, hiding so many interesting secrets…

Indirectly, by reminding of something that “everybody knows”, we would like to raise a certain cognitive issue:  do we really know what we know? What are the real categories of our thinking – those which rule our way of doing things or those in spite of  which are we still doing what we are doing?