The Integral Reality

is a 21 minutes long film (21 minutes for the XXIth century…) which combines abstract image with equally abstract sounds and a text read by Jacek Zakowski – well known polish journalist.

The monologue has been conceived as a kind of manifesto, an exposition of the dominant, neo-liberal point of view, saturated both by the “expert” rhetoric (claiming to be objective or even “scientific”) and the familiar figures of the “common-sense”. The objective was to provoke an impression of perfect enclosure, “smoothness” of the neo-liberal vision the world.

Step by step, the image of enclosed, and still hypnotic, seducing (or “integral”, to use the term coined by Jean Baudrillard)  reality, produced of nothing but neo-liberal myths, emerges on the screen. This image, as such, is not being put into question here. It is for the spectator to perform critical analysis in traditional sense. And what stimulates him to do so is not some “ironic distance” of the authors, or their explicit counter-vision, but the very smoothness and perfection of the myth itself….

And yet – is the image as perfectly coherent as it seems? Is the dominant discourse really a monolith, with absolutely no crack in it? Here and there the smoothness of the image collapse. There is something deeply disturbing in sounds that accompany the lector’s voice, as well as in digital modifications of the voice itself. But these are not the only cracks…  


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